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Newest fashion trends for dancesport and ballroom

Our job is create highest quality, comfortable, stylish dance dresses which meet our clients personal needs. Newest fashion trends is our daily routine which is very nice part of our job. Today We want to share with you newest fashion trends of Spring 2019, which will settle down in our newest creations as warm spring breeze. We want you to look and feel perfect on the floor wearing our dresses. We hope this post will inspire you to choose more brave and unique choices not only on dance floor but also in your personal spring wardrobe.

We present 20 newest spring fashion trends!


Many fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Altuzarra, Phillip Lim and others presented newest creations on the spring/summer ’19 runways and the fishnet pattern in particular was a big deal. In a dance world fishnets are not very big novelty but this spring we can be sure fishnet is the right choice.

Scarf-print patterns

Scarf-print this spring is going to show up on way more than just scarves this spring. Etro, Chloe and Loewe fashion houses definitely proved that.



Polkadots are all grown up now thanks to statement black-and-white patterns at Celine, Carolina Herrera, and Jaquemus. Polkadots patterns are part of our future creations as it is really beloved of our clients.


Butterfly details

Butterflies is coming back from 90s to 2019 spring straight to runways and of course dance floor.


Black and white checks

Checkerboard patterns everywhere is another major from 90s. Don’t be afraid to look outstanding this spring


Pale Blue

We are sure our clients has amazing fashion sense, because pale blue already became one of the most favorite colors. So keep going to look fashionable this Spring.



Solid pieces with multiple colors were a major hit on the spring ’19 runways. Color-Blocking is very suitable idea for dance costumes, so don’t be afraid to use this unique style.



Finally time to look eye catching has come and it’s a perfect choice for a dance dress. Neon colors makes you feel noticeable.


Mixed patterns

This spring we won‘t be afraid to create a little mess, and we recommend to make some mess for you too by mixing different patterns in your outfit or dance-wear.

Metallic plaid

We will be honest… we are truly in love with shining metallic fabrics and we are very happy about this fashion trend. Metallic fabrics and details are perfect choice for those who wants to look outstanding and shine, shine, shine on the floor.


One cold shoulder

Because two cold shoulders is sooooo last year.



Ohh feathers… We love it. You love it. Everybody loves it. And we will keep adding drama to our future dresses by using more feathers for sure.


Bright orange

How to look bright and stylish? Choose orange. We promise, it will be right choice. Orange is another color you’re about to see everywhere.


Colorful fringe

Another beloved element.  Just like feathers, fringe texture is going to be huge for the season.


Large square details

Going along with the color-blocking trend, get ready to see lots of pieces with large square and rectangular details.

Hot Magenta

A deeper than traditional hot pink is going to be another trend of 2019 spring.


Zebra print

Animal print has been having a moment now for a while, but it usually means leopard print. Now, expect to see a lot more zebra stripes in stores.


Ruffled details

Super extra look. Another beloved detail we use in our creations and will keep using in this spring.



Light purple is another color you will see everywhere as it is one of the most fashionable shades this spring.


Two tone dresses

To go with the color-blocking trend you can choose dresses with two distinct shades.


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Love. DLK.

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